Sunday, November 4, 2007

Not in my album 3

Time to talk about another issue that is not included in my album. Once again, the Philatelic Service issued an imperf version of the standard souvenir sheets. These were also overprinted with a serial number. This time, the only way to get the souvenir sheets was at the Israel 98 show. They were included in the official show catalog as an insert. I have one catalog complete with the insert, as well as this one shown at the left that is just the insert without the rest of the catalog. I have also seen several catalogs without the insert. I am not sure if the insert was removed, or if there were catalogs sold without the inserts. The one time I saw several catalogs in the same place, the owner was not aware of the presence of the inserted souvenir sheets, and only 1 of his 5 catalogs contained one. Any one at the show that can help shed some light on this?

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