Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Postage Dues on cover

I recently bought the cover shown here on the right. It is a FDC for J6-11. I am not 100% positive it is genuine, but it looks like it to me. Like all of the postage dues from Israel, these were issued with blank tabs. I haven't seen a cover with tabs, but this copy has the selvage with plate numbers attached.

The cover here on the left is J1-5 on cover, about 6 months after they were issued. I actually have 3 different covers with this set, one with an unreadable (to me at least) date, this one from November 1948, and another from December 1949. While I am on the lookout for a May 1948 cover (Bale shows 5/28/48 as the day of issue), I am sure they are still out of my price range. In the meantime, I have a nice cover to fill the spot in my FDC album.

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