Thursday, November 8, 2007

Not in my album 4

When the Israeli post office privatized and became Israel Post, new issue subscribers were once again given a special gift. This souvenir sheet differs from the regular issue only slightly. There is an embossed running stag in the upper left of the souvenir sheet. It is also overprinted with a serial number in the lower right. Since the regular issue souvenir sheet was already imperf, there was no change in that respect. The souvenir sheet was sent in a protective sleeve explaining the reason for the gift. Once again, there was no notice given about this special issue, and there was no opportunity to buy these from the philatelic service.

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Mac Sunset said...

This particular example irritates me.

When a postal organization starts deliberately limiting issues in order to "reward" the faithful, it has crossed the line between legitimate collectible and beanie babies.

I decided a few months ago not to try to obtain the variety with the serial number. Being one who designs my own albums, there's no space for 1630a, or whatever it is.