Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not so limited editions

I have several items that are numbered, supposedly to indicate a limited edition. For example, this artist signed presentation folder of the 1993 Christmas Klussendorf issue. The first image is of one in my collection, and is numbered 14 of 150. Today, when I looked on E-bay, I saw a similar item offered. I took the image from the listing and included it here as well. Notice the similarities? The color difference in the folder itself may be due to differences in scanning, rather than printing, but I can't confirm that. This second folder is numbered 40/45. The numbering is in the opposite order (edition size second), and is on the bottom rather than the top. Also, there is a second vending stamp attached to the folder. Personally, I don't see any difference worth having both in my collection. I also think the numbering is misleading, as it is impossible to know just how limited this limited edition is. How many times did they start a new series by making other minor changes? I think this is a rather blatant attempt on someones part of trying to increase the price by simulating rarity. I often see these offered for up to $50 each. So far, I have been able to pick up quite a few for $5 or so a piece. I think these deserve a slight premium over a normal FDC, but only a on the order of $1 or so. I pay no attention to the supposed number issued, since as you can see it is rather meaningless.

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