Saturday, November 3, 2007

Visit to a stamp show

Today, for the first time in close to 2 years, I made it to a stamp show. The show was Sacapex, in Sacramento, California. There were about 20 dealers there, and I stopped at all of them. Surprisingly, I walked out of the show with several items to add to my collection. I was able to find a set of Egypt overprinted Palestine stamps that I have been looking for, N1-19. Unfortunately, they were LH stamps, but the price was right and I wanted to be able to add the scans to my database. At another table, I found a set of the Jordan overprinted Palestine UPU issue (N19-22), and these were MNH. Another dealer had a copy of N4, again LH, but at a quarter it will make a fine space filler. I also found 2 covers, 1 a FDC of some Egypt overprinted Palestine and 1 a valid usage of Jordan overprinted Palestine with one of the NRA (revenue) stamps on it.
I also met up with an old friend at the show. I ran into Joe Schwartz who was there to judge the exhibits. He had even read my blog recently. Joe is a long time collector who has provided me with a lot of material over the years, including a lot of the bulletins that helped me complete the set.

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