Monday, November 19, 2007

Not in my album 6

Here is one that I didn't even know about until a few years ago. Luckily, I had the one that catalogs for more in my collection, and was actually missing the cheaper normal stamp issue. The image on the left is Scott number 1233, a souvenir sheet from 1995 commemorating the Volunteers to the British Army in WW2. It is fully perforated vertically. The one on the right is the same stamp, but the perforations stop at the bottom of the stamp, rather than continuing to the bottom of the souvenir sheet. I am not sure how the two were originally sold. Perhaps the partially imperf sheet is just the bottom souvenir sheet from the press sheets. I do know that my standing order came with the partially imperf sheet, not the fully perforated one. However, the FDC I had was for the fully perforated issue. When I went looking for the fully perforated one, I found that none of the dealers at the show had separated them out in there holdings. They were both priced the same. When I alerted them to the difference, they were surprised. I suggest you double check your collection and see if you have both. Again, most albums do not call out the different varieties of this issue.


Yossile said...

Interesting (old) post.
So which one is the rare one? The one with full perforations?

Adam said...

Actually, according to the catalog, it is the one with the imperf base. Funny, since I had that one in my collection, but had to find the fully perforated one later.