Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I have spent the last few days going through the revenue stamps I have and adding them to my inventory. Previously, I had only had the Bale listed revenues in my tracking database, and thus the other revenues (listed in Wallerstein catalog from 1987) were in a kind of holding pattern, where I had them sitting in a box with no idea of what I had or what was missing. Turns out, I had the majority of the Accounting tax issues with black tracking numbers (AJ1-25, as listed in Wallerstein). Out of the 25 basic items listed, I had 18. A quick look through E-bay auctions didn't turn up any, but then I did a search through the E-bay stores, and I found 2 that I was missing. One of the 2 was only available as part of a lot of 20 revenues, but the price was right ($5.99) so I took a chance that I could sell the ones I don't need to recoup my investment in these. The other one was available individually, and cost $4.99. So, down to 5 more to go (AJ1-3, 7, and 25 in case anyone has any available).

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