Friday, November 23, 2007

Show Cards

From WIPA 81 through Pacific 97, the Israel Postal Authority sold show cards at the shows they attended. I am not sure why they stopped after Pacific 97, but as far as I can tell, they did. These are available both Mint and FDC. I have seen a variety of frankings on the FDC ones, as well as different color ink used to cancel the stamps (Red, Purple, Green, and Black at least). I have also seen ones that have been canceled without having any stamps added to them. Sometimes, there are cancels on the back for each day of the show as well. The only catalog that I have seen list these is the Carmel catalog. The catalog shows these at a rather high price relative to what the real world price is, you can generally move the decimal point one place to the left to get a more realistic price ($5-$10 each is about right).

Out of the 37 issued, I am missing only 5 Mint ones, and none of the FDC's. I am missing the one shown here ( #3, PhilexFrance 82), as well as #4 (Belgica 82), #20 (Finlandia 88), #23 (World Stamp Expo 89), and #35 (Capex 96). I would like to mark this part of my collection complete, and I have a bunch of duplicates to trade if anyone is interested.

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